Course Expectation

Many people are uncomfortable with conflict, yet conflict is a natural part of life. When handled with respect, tense moments in dispersed teams provide opportunities for professional growth, operational breakthroughs, and strengthening trust between you and your dispersed employees. Achieving positive outcomes during difficult conversations requires you to prepare your people, regardless of their location, by establishing direct, honest feedback routines with them well in advance of any emotional moment. By understanding the dynamics of conflict, you can take a proactive approach, allowing you to intervene well before things get out of control - or - avoid conflict altogether.

Course curriculum

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    New Chapter

    • Meet the Facilitator:

    • Understanding the Relationship between feedback & conflict:

    • Building your Feedback protocols with your team:

    • Connecting Feedback to the performance review:

    • Which communication channel to use & knowing when to avoid digital:

    • Moderating Emotional conversations professional & tactfully:

    • Course Summary + Final Quiz: